Chile Verde Salads with Flatbread Biscuits

So, I have a confession to make.  Remember these biscuits?  These delicious, buttery biscuits that mix together like a breeze and are perfect with breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  While it’s true that they are my go-to biscuit recipe, and I can’t count how many times I’ve thrown them together at a moment’s notice, I may have shared them with this dinner recipe in mind.

If I were to choose a favorite meal, this would be it.  It all started when Ree posted this idea for a quick Mexican “flatbread” pizza that used rolled-out biscuit dough for the ‘flatbread.”  That made me think that my favorite biscuits would make a fantastic taco salad, and they did.  They totally reminded me of the Navajo tacos my mom makes and I love, but there was no frying involved.  But let’s be real, the butter is still there, it’s just on the inside.

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