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Remember the caramel corn with vanilla drizzle that i made for the Fourth of July?

I finally pulled the remaining M&M’s out of the freezer.  They’ve been sitting there since we picked out all the red and blue candies.

My awesome helper and I made some yummy doughnut muffins.  Some needed chocolate chips, just to keep it interesting.

And then to make it even more interesting, it was decided that a muffin person must be made with a gigantic muffin head.


Caramel Corn with Vanilla Drizzle

How do you make sweet, crunch caramel popcorn even better?  Drizzle it with melted vanilla candy melts and chocolate candy.

It also helps if you have an assistant who is willing to go purchase more candy when you don’t have quite enough and also pick the right colors out of the bag.

I found this recipe over at a farmgirl’s dabbles and knew it would make a tasty and pretty treat for the holiday.  She warns that the stuff is addictive, and I’m glad that I plan to share because she’s right.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!
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