Cocoa Shortbread Cut-out Cookies

Can you believe that it’s time for Halloween already?  Soon the neighborhood will be full of trick-or-treating witches, superheroes, and princesses.  But then we’ll blink, and it will be covered in snow, Christmas lights, and the occasional inflatable Santa.
These cocoa shortbread cut-outs are so easy to whip up for any holiday, and they’re tasty, too.  In Martha Stewart’s Cookies, they’re cut as simple diamond shapes and drizzled with melted white chocolate.  But you can cut them into as many shapes as you have cutters.  The dough mixes up in a food processor, and is ready to be rolled out right away.  No chilling required – bonus.
While we’re on the subject of Halloween, did you watch Modern Family last week?  That show always cracks me up, but especially the Halloween episodes.  Only Claire could dress as Little Bo Peep and still frighten the kids away.  [Read more…]


This and That

Mmm…chocolate cupcakes

Dulce de leche frosting

Owl cookies, before.

And after.

Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Salted Dulce de Leche Frosting

Happy Friday!  I don’t have a list of Friday faves today.  I’ve wanted to share this recipe for a week, but I’ve spent much of the week fighting with my computer.  Call me crazy, but I feel like power struggles with electronic devices should be won by the human.  I’m learning that it’s not always the case.  Oh well.

 Are you familiar with whoopie pies?  I’m sure you are.  Though their name suggests it, they have nothing to do with pie.  Many thought these hand-held desserts that look like a cookie and taste like cake would become the “new cupcake.”  While I don’t think anything will take the place of cupcakes, I do think you should give these a try. 

 When I spotted the recipe for chocolate whoopie pies in One Girl Cookies, I thought they looked like a pretty good treat to take to work.  Since whoopie pies are made with two soft cookies sandwiched together with frosting, they are perfect for taking along places.  You can pile them into a container and not worry about them moving around and losing their frosting.  In the book, the cookies were paired with peppermint frosting.  I’m sure they would have been good, but the dulce de leche frosting with the preceding recipe caught my attention.  I can tell you right now that I was very pleased with this substitution.  When I tried the frosting, I was pretty sure that I wanted to eat it out of a bowl for dinner.  It was that good. 

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