Toasted Rice Ice Cream

If I had to choose a dessert to enjoy for the rest of forever, it would be ice cream.

Toasted Rice Ice Cream

My favorite is to scoop some into a mug late at night and let it get a little melty while watching TV. But I’m also happy to pull into a drive-through for a vanilla ice cream-like product cone. Just no nuts, please and thank you.

Sadly, we don’t have Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams where I live. But she has shared lots of recipes for ice cream and other treats in her book. And she shared a technique for getting super smooth ice cream without making custard that is full of eggs. [Read more…]


Maple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

Everywhere I look, I see another recipe I want to try that is all about pumpkin.  Seriously, they are everywhere.  I know that I just made pumpkin snickerdoodles, and they were great. But what about pumpkin English muffin bread, pound cake, or even ice cream?  Even the new book from the boys at Baked has a section dedicated to this favorite ingredient of fall.  I don’t even know where to start.


I’m sure there is some kind of rule about posting two, three, or five recipes in a row that are all about pumpkin.  So I’ll wait.  But speaking of the boys from Baked, they have a maple cupcake in Baked Explorations that is perfect for this time of year.  They are really good, though they are crazy sweet.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  [Read more…]

Red Velvet Cake and Cream Cheese Ice Cream

I don’t have a list of specific favorite things today, but I do have one general favorite.  It’s ice cream.  Ice cream is one of my favorite things ever.  I’m not picky about the flavor.  I like anything from caramel to cookies and cream.  The only thing I really don’t like messing up my frozen treat is nuts.  And even then, I can sometimes handle pralines.  How can nuts that are rolled in sugar taste bad?


Not only is ice cream one of my favorites to eat, it’s also fun to make.  I have the ice cream attachment for my Kitchenaid and it is awesome.  I keep the bowl in the freezer, so it’s always ready when a craving for ice cream strikes.  Recently when the weather started turning warmer, I knew I wanted to make the first batch of the season, but I had to decide on a flavor.  Then I remembered the red velvet cake scraps in my freezer from my baking disaster back in February, and thought that was a good place to start.  I found a recipe in Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home with a cream cheese base that mixes in gooey butter cake.  Cream cheese ice cream with chunks of red velvet cake mixed in?  It was done and done.    [Read more…]

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Browned Butter and Cream Cheese

Do you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?   I do, too.  I could practically mix the dough and plop them in the oven in my sleep.  That said, I’m not against trying something new when I want to switch things up.  When I saw these on mel’s kitchen café, I was curious enough to give them a try.


It was the addition of cream cheese to the cookies that grabbed my attention.  How could you go wrong by starting with soft, chocolate-studded cookies and adding the tangy flavor of cream cheese?  And since the butter had to be melted first, I thought I may as well brown it, too.  It sounded like a win-win to me.  The last thing I noticed was the lack of eggs, which is great if you happen to be baking for someone with an egg allergy.  I don’t recall ever making this type of cookie without eggs to hold everything together.


[Read more…]

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Orange-Cream Cheese Frosting

Where I live, spring doesn’t seem to exist for more than a few days at a time.  We get a mix of winter and summer back and forth until summer sticks around for a while.  Last week, it snowed four inches one day, and by the next afternoon it was nice enough to enjoy a family party outdoors.

One of my favorite moments at the party was watching my little cousin enjoy one of these cupcakes.  I wish that I had been able to snap a picture.  As she held a mini cupcake in her hands, she proceeded to lick the frosting off the top before biting into the cake.

These carrot cake cupcakes are all about spring.  They are light and moist, with just enough orange in the frosting to add a bit of citrus sunshine.  I like that they have enough carrots so they don’t disappear while they bake.  They are a breeze to mix together, and can be in the oven in no time.

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