Baked Chocolate Doughnuts

I understand that you try to have a healthy breakfast most days.  Really, I do.  Monday through Friday is all about high-fiber cereal and green smoothies.  But when the weekend rolls around and you just want to have cake for breakfast, I’m here for you. Baked Chocolate Doughnut

This recipe for baked chocolate doughnuts is another winner from Tracy at Shutterbean.  Imagine soft, chocolaty cupcakes topped with a rich espresso glaze, and baked in a pan with holes in the middle.  There you have it.  It helps that they’re so easy to whip together.  Perfect for mornings after you’ve slept in (just a little).  [Read more…]


Vanilla Ice Cream with Espresso Caramel Swirl

Were you aware that we are in the middle of National Ice Cream Month?

It’s true.  I’ve seen it popping up all over the interwebs, so I checked it out.  It’s also the official month for blueberries and horseradish, among other things.

This recipe comes from seven spoons, and is one of the best homemade ice creams I’ve tried in a long time.  I was surprised at how smooth and creamy it was without a custard base that uses eggs.  Admittedly, I doubled the amount of espresso powder from Tara’s recipe, and I don’t regret it.  The slightly bitter espresso caramel is perfectly complemented by the sweet vanilla in the background.  The original recipe also mixes crumbled cookies into the mixture.  I already had some leftover Momofuku chocolate cookie crumbs that I thought would be perfect, but sadly, I forgot to add them.  Maybe next time though, because there certainly will be a next time.

I highly recommend that you whip up a batch of this ice cream.  Maybe even enjoy it while observing “national share a sunset with your lover month.[Read more…]

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