Toasted Rice Ice Cream

If I had to choose a dessert to enjoy for the rest of forever, it would be ice cream.

Toasted Rice Ice Cream

My favorite is to scoop some into a mug late at night and let it get a little melty while watching TV. But I’m also happy to pull into a drive-through for a vanilla ice cream-like product cone. Just no nuts, please and thank you.

Sadly, we don’t have Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams where I live. But she has shared lots of recipes for ice cream and other treats in her book. And she shared a technique for getting super smooth ice cream without making custard that is full of eggs. [Read more…]



How can a name like snickerdoodle conjure anything but good times?   These cookies with a funny name and I go way back.  Snickerdoodles are similar to a sugar cookie, with the addition of cream of tartar, and are rolled in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.  

Snickerdoodles are the first cookie my mom taught me how to make by myself.   She showed me how to cream the sugar and soft butter together until they are light and fluffy to get that perfect texture.   She taught me to never skimp on the vanilla.   Nothing compares to good quality, pure vanilla extract.   And most important, if you leave them in the oven until they look done, they are probably over-baked.   Cookies will continue to cook on the hot pan after they are removed from the oven.  Once they are cool, they will be just right. 

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Chai Spice Tea Cake

Get it?  I think that tea cakes are usually sweet cakes baked as a loaf and meant to be served with tea, but this cake actually has tea in it.

So many times I’ve wanted to like drinking tea, especially after being lured in by the sweet and spicy aromas.  But then I take a sip, and nope, still don’t like it.  I do really like chai teas and lattes, black tea beverages made with milk and lots of warm, soothing spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger.

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