Basil Infused Olive Oil

I think that I’m in denial about summer being over.  It may be, but I’m not ready yet.  I’m not gonna lie; fall is my favorite time of the year.  I welcome the crisp, cool mornings, layers with cardigans, and the return of warm soup for dinner.  But I’m not ready for summer to be over just yet.  Maybe it has something to do with spending what would equate to a summer finale during the first week of June.  It was a flurry of activities followed by the rest of summer flying by.  But I guess that’s life.

 I do have a way of preserving a little bit of summer, and that would be with basil.  I love to freeze little plastic jars of pesto for the cold months to come.  It’s a splendid way to sneak some summer into a hearty stew or pasta sauce.

And for another way to hold onto summer basil just a little longer, Tracy of suggests making basil-infused olive oil.  I’m glad I took her up on the suggestion.  As much as I enjoy a freshly-whirled pesto with parmesan and pine nuts, this bright, summery oil is all about the basil.  It’s delicious anywhere you’d appreciate a good olive oil with a little something extra.  Give it a try, and then make the most of what summer you have left.

For directions and lovely pictures, go see Tracy’s basil infused oil, because I didn’t change a thing.


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