Friday Faves

Happy Friday!

Today I added a blogroll with a list of a few of my favorite blogs.  It’s over on the right side of the screen.  When I’m looking for dinner ideas or maybe a tasty new cupcake, they never disappoint.

I’ve already shared this delicious soup from Pink Parsley and these fabulous hamburger rolls from Confections of a Foodie Bride.

Check ’em out!



  1. What about smitten kitchen? I confess it’s been a while since I tried a new recipe from Deb, but she is still a fave. And of course Mel is the best for dinner recipes and Joy is the best for desserts/pancakes. 🙂 I think I’ve tried something or other from Pink Parsley, and I will be sure to check out the other ones!

    • So true. That should be fixed this moment. I’ve also not tried one from Deb lately, but for a while I was making her recipes about weekly. Speaking of that, she has a pull-apart bread that I’ve had on my list for ages – a pull-apart bread with mustard. Mmm.

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