Friday Faves

Happy Friday!

  1. When it isn’t summer and I don’t have buckets of basil growing on the back deck, this basil paste in a tube is fantastic for adding a little something to a variety of dishes.  I like to squirt it into canned tomato soup when I haven’t made this one from scratch, and it boosts the flavor in just about any pasta.  (photo from
  2. My sister got me to try her fave, and now it’s one of mine.  Applying it to your hair to make it smooth and shiny is just one of the many uses of coconut oil.  Google it.  (photo from
  3. I didn’t get around to watching SMASH when it first came out, but thanks to, I’m getting into it.  I think if you enjoy watching musical theatre, you’d get into it, too.  (clip art from
  4. I’m lovin’ this lip balm from eos.  (photo from

What’s at the top of your favorites list?




  1. Love coconut oil. Just don’t put it in the bath tub!

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