Friday Faves

Happy Friday!

When we discover new things in my family, we don’t keep the information all to ourselves.  We love to share.  Our current favorite things might fall under any category from new beauty products to books to new varieties of apples.  We know that if it brings a smile to our face, it might to someone else, too.  We may or may not have borrowed the concept from a certain queen of all media.  Anyway, I do have a few favorites to share.

1.  My favorite foundation ever.  I ordered one bottle of this over the summer for $5 and I should have bought more.  I can’t believe how smooth this stuff goes on.  (photo from Stila cosmetics)

2.  This is my favorite Keurig flavor, Cafe Escapes Chai Latte.  Perhaps it would go well with a slice of chai spice cake.  (photo from

3.  I love this shiny lip gloss from Philosophy that I got from my mom.  It is fabulous to apply over any shade of lipstick.  (photo from

What’s your fave right now?



  1. Hrm. I think I might be out of this family favorite things loop. I do really like the Philosophy products Mom gets for us, especially the bubble bath. Can tights count as a favorite thing? I can’t believe I just barely started wearing tights and I wish I had a dozen more pairs (I have two, one black and one brown).

  2. Oh, you’re totally in the loop. I”m quite certain we’ve exchanged a fair amount of faves. 🙂
    Oh yeah, I love that bubble bath, too. And yes, tights definitely count!

  3. I love This! I have too many to count and I always call everyone as soon as i find something that I love. LOL
    I love coconut oil in my hair (tropical smell and so soft!)

  4. Yes! The first thing I said to Sarah when she mentioned it was that Joy the Baker puts it in her hair. I totally forgot to buy it at the store today.

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