Late to the Party

When I first became aware of the food blog world six years ago, I was completely hooked.  At first, I wandered around online checking out random sites just by following links that looked interesting.  The first blog I actually started checking regularly for updates was Joy’s site.  Her cheery little corner has been a place to turn for baking inspiration, and her humor makes me laugh right out loud.  Over the years, the list of blogs I love hasn’t stopped growing, and the same thought has lingered in my head.  I want to do that. 

I’m the kind of person who likes to know exactly what I’m doing before jumping into something with both feet, and that has kept me from starting a blog until now.  I don’t know anything about maintaining a food blog, and I’m certainly not a photographer of anything, let alone food.  I could wait until I figure it out, but I’d still be reading blogs and thinking the same thing.  I want to do that.  I’m way past fashionably late to this party, but I’m jumping in with both feet.

So, to quote a favorite TV show, “Don’t stop believin’, and let’s get this party started.”



  1. About damn time. What are we baking today? :-*

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